Agendy for sales

Sales training for startups

Customized content
with industry-relevant insights
for immediate application.

Our trained staff
answers questions,
solves live
explicit problems and
provides for a proper
follow-up of the knowledge.

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What we stand for:


  • Optimally coordinated content
  • Definition learning path
  • Industry trends
  • Checklists


  • Customized content
  • Best practices
  • Hands-On mentality of the teachers
  • Addressing problems together


  • Knowledge paper for your employees
  • Debriefing appointment
  • Exchange for possible further questions
  • Individual conversations and/or in groups

Individual & modern

Strong focus
to explicit needs.

Explicit application

It is very important to us that all participants leave the training with immediately usable, explicit knowledge. Therefore, we also show exactly how to deal with which issues.

Learning types

Since there are many different types of learners, we offer different ways to deepen the knowledge not only during the training, but also provide a paper for follow-up.

Round finish

to consolidate knowledge.

To ensure that participants continue to enjoy maximum success after the sales training, we offer many follow-up options, each tailored to the subject area of the training.

Transparent knowledge transfer

Our trainings are always individual & always up to date.


This is
important to us.

In order to be able to help in the best possible way, we have developed some basic rules over the years.

At this point we would like to give only a small overview of the rough areas.


We need to know the explicit pain points in order to help with best strategies.


We train individuals, small groups, larger departments and also entire companies.

Goal of the training

We define the exact goals of the training for best results.


Focus on active improvement of specific KPIs, use of individual tools or moonset improvement?

Goal of the startup

We should know the goals of the company, the team(s) and/or the individual.


The knowledge paper is available in EN & DE. The training itself should take place in one language.

Always Individual

Typical requests
for trainings are:

Focus: Internal

  • Processes
  • Software
  • SOPs / automation
  • Teams

Focus: External

  • Sales
  • Explicit Tools
  • A/B-Testing
  • Data Driven Performance

Internal and external

  • Kollaboration of teams
  • Collect data
  • Use data
  • Permanent improvement

These are only examples.

Each of our trainings is individual.

Every single sales training is tailored to your needs, contains the latest insights and is aimed directly at your employees. We help to create the mindset through trained personnel, awaken the joy of new topics and show exactly how the appropriate workflow should look like.

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