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We take care of sales for start-ups & corporates: From basic processes for significant growth to scaling.

Always measurable. Always honest.




We help with well thought-out measures in the area of
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We are specialised in distribution.

We help companies build a network, develop value-added processes & implement key tools.

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From suppliers to POS: we not only build our own network for you – you also benefit from ours from day 1.


In order to ensure the smoothest possible process, which also enables scaling later on, we create relevant internal & external processes.


Through modern tools, we can not only make the lives of your employees easier, but also those of your customers, cooperation partners & other stakeholders.

Our network
is your network

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Benefit from our cross-sector experience.

Workflow is an important factor in being able to move quickly. On the way to scaling, there must be a precise plan for repetitive tasks.


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Powerful tools

Use the
right software.

From small teams to international collaboration, we know exactly how to help you grow quickly.

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  • Processes
  • Collaboration
  • Checklists
  • Dokumentation


  • Tools
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  • Accurate tracking
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Always on-track

structured process.

In order to provide targeted help, we have constantly refined our processes over the last few years. Here we show the rudimentary process that our clients appreciate.

operativer vertrieb startups
Lightning fast + helpful

We understand our customers precisely. To ensure this with every company, we start with a short audit.

For rapid growth.

1. Audit: Our start

1.1. Internal audit

We get a precise picture of the concrete status quo: processes, software or technical setup, teams & more.

1.2. External audit

In addition to competitors, the target group & the market itself must of course also be considered.

1.3. Other areas

We are also investigating areas that will become more relevant in the short or medium term.

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Planning + procedure

We create a strong workflow that supports the team and is future-oriented.

Preparing for high demand.

2. Setup: Preparation for growth

2.1. New software

By using the right tools, the foundation can be laid for faster speed in the company.

2.2. Connecting software

Linking different tools together not only creates a stable foundation but also a lot of important data.

2.3. Implement prozesses

SOPs can be used to automate repetitive tasks to the maximum. Further processes for specific procedures are also to be created & fine-tuned.

agentur für vertrieb berlin
Ready to take off?

Technical and organisational parameters have been optimised. Now the scaling can begin.

Achieve further milestones in a targeted manner.

3. Vollgas

3.1. Expanding the network

Parallel to previous steps, we have already built up a strong network. Now it is time to use this and expand it even further.

3.2. Increase distribution

Through a variety of strong proven and new methods, we ensure more word-of-mouth, higher sales and more traffic.

3.3. Enlargement of the team

As soon as sales start up according to plan, more employees are needed. Through simple and standardised processes, onboarding can be greatly shortened.

What our customers say

René R.

“We were looking for an agency that could help us optimise the B2C sales processes for our language school. With proceeds, we found the right partner who directly implemented and realised the developed concepts. As a result, our conversion rate has increased by 18% and the time spent by our employees has decreased.”



Mark B.

“For us as a payment service provider, fast response times and a consultative sales approach are particularly important: proceeds supported us quickly and straightforwardly in operational sales and increased our sales by 37% during the 6-month project period.”

Head of Sales


Frederico P.

“As co-founders of an online platform that brings together CEOs, managers, founders and investors, we needed a strong partner to help us prepare and implement our market entry in German-speaking countries. With their know-how, the employees of proceeds were able to quickly put ``horsepower on the road`` and acquire the first 11 major customers for us within 3 months, as well as set up a scalable sales process for our company. Grazie!”



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