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As a sales agency, we have specialized in supporting your company in growing sales and generating new customers.
With our know-how, we help you quickly and easily set up new processes and optimize existing processes. Above all, however, we are operationally involved in inbound and outbound sales!

You want to increase your sales?

The Corona crisis has shown how quickly the world can change. This dynamic of change must be taken into account in order to remain competitive in the future. Models come and go, strategies must be regularly tested and updated. Customer acquisition works differently today than it did 5 years ago and it is certain that it will work differently again 5 years from now. However, basic constants of sales remain unchanged. Trust is and will remain the most important basis of the buying process. We at proceeds live and love change. Our company stands for dynamism and literally always has its ear to the ground. We offer you the development of leadership in sales and prove to be a reliable compass in an increasingly confusing landscape. We also support you in building up a Telesales team and take over the digitalization of sales. Acquiring new customers throughout Germany is no problem in Telesales, and thanks to our training and development work, your sales staff will also be a fit for telephone sales. That's right: we still use the telephone and believe in the power of direct conversation. You should always get your lead on the phone and find out quickly with targeted and properly asked questions whether a deal can be initiated or not. As an agency for sales in Berlin, we provide you with strategies that will help you reach your goal quickly - either by determining whether it's no longer worthwhile to approach them further, or by selling. We help you to find, identify and use a lead.

Successful projects are our passion

You wonder why we are the right ones for you? Quite simply, because we understand you and your clientele. As an agency for sales in Berlin, we are true professionals. We don't overload you with terms like "top-of-funnel tactics" or the "product-market-fit" but orientate ourselves on your professional practice and your level of knowledge. If you want to build up a sales team, optimize a sales team or even outsource a sales team you need profound expertise, but this will not be good until you don't convey the knowledge rightly? In telephone sales, personality and the power of persuasion are required and it must be quickly and reliably identified whether a follow-up is worthwhile or whether the lead is unsuitable for a sale. In a nutshell: we know how to sell successfully and make sure that you learn it too and apply this expertise in your daily business.


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